While we all know that some hotels are better than others, I’m sure we’re all looking for the best hotel for your wedding. Or are you?

If you’re planning your wedding in a hotel, there’s a few things we learned that makes a wedding look just as beautiful as four seasons hotel in your pictures. (well, pretty darn close).

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Here’s 5 things to consider if you’re having your wedding in a hotel.

1. Uplighting

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Almost all reception ballrooms look the same in most hotels. From the Four Seasons to Hotel Fullerton the walls are usually plain, the light fixtures are mostly inconsequential and quite literally a blank canvas. When you add uplighting, you lead the eye up and give the space life.

2. Large Windows

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Most hotel weddings will have the bride and groom get ready in a separate rooms on different floors. This is a great time for getting ready photos. Large windows will give your photographer plenty of natural light to use and capture the moment true to form.

3. Well-Themed Furniture/ Decor

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If you’re going to choose a hotel for your wedding it really helps to choose a hotel that caters to your theme. Is it elegant, beach, boutique? We’ve seen too many hotels that felt too ‘business conference’ for some weddings.

4. The Grand Shot Spot

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Let’s be honest, some hotels are down right atrocious choices for weddings. They’re clearly for the weary traveler or the guest that’s only looking for a clean bed. Try to choose a hotel that has a few hot spots that can produce what we like to call the “grand shot” of the venue. For example “the spiraling staircase” or the “glamorous fountain” or “the eclectic collection of chairs”. Here’s a list of our favorite hotels with grand shot landmarks.

5. The Night Shot Spot

Portofino Redondo Beach Wedding Photography Kevin Le Vu Photographer
If you can’t find a grand shot spot or don’t see one, you can always consult with your perspective photographer. Or in our experience, if there’s not a shot in the day, perhaps there’s a grand shot in when the sun sets. Sometimes you can make a location appear more than it is by use of light or no light. Night shots are something we always try to incorporate.

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