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Kevin Le Vu
  • Kevin Le Vu

  • Primary Shooter
  • Creative leader, scouter and fitness nut.
Jonathan Le
  • Jonathan Le

  • Primary Second Shooter
  • Major Bears Fan

Web Photo-3Kevin Le Vu 

When I was in college I shot whatever I thought was interesting. From landscape to clubs to fashion. When I found weddings, it was everything I was looking for. Without realizing, weddings became a place to hone my skills and push my creativity. Weddings only  live in a moment in time. You only have a moment to tell a story and create art. So while every wedding is essentially the same, it never gets boring and I never get tired of shooting. From 2009 Megan and I started to shoot together. We had no idea what we getting into, but we hung onto a idea that fostered our strengths. We were both creative, both full of pride in what we created. It caused so much pressure to be more than who we were.

DSC01105Megan Pangan

In the field, we were grinding out images and almost trying to one up another with our images, that was where we first started, where we first discovered our true passions. Where we could be brutally honest with ourselves and our relationship. It was so hard on both of us. And that’s why we’re such a great team. It’s within our power to choose what kind of life we want. And even with the glamour of entrepreneurship, you can still find yourself hiding from your true desires. It’s the responsibly of our marriage and teamwork to keep us both honest.So even though, I may not be shooting alongside my future husband, I’m still there, still here making sure we’re on top of our game in all realms of the word.

Jon -1

Jonathan Le

There’s no limit to the freedom and the emotion I feel when shooting weddings. Jonathan joined our team in 2012. He has really impressed us with his drive and adaptation of our style. Kevin Le Vu Photography grew immensely because of his efforts and assistance throughout the years.

We’re on our way to becoming more than just a husband and wife team. Beyond shooting and creating a better life for ourselves with this passion, we hope to inspire and lead others like Jon into the freedom and art that life can offer. 



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