Hello good people,

The start of November is upon us and you know what?

It’s still 80+ F and my hoodies from our new clothing line Club Smash are just sitting there, aching to be worn. ah me

But it’s still a good day.Like I said, November is here and as we wait for the temperature to drop and the leaves to fall, I want to take you guys on a little trip to Downtown Los Angeles with Bianca and John on their engagement session.Honestly, I can’t really stand LA, but it looks damn good in photos innit? Now I wasn’t physically there with Kevin on this shoot (see the former), but look at the pop. For anyone doing your engagement in an urban area a great addition to your photos will be to provide contrast to your environment.See Bianca’s dress? That rich fuchsia is a fantastic pop against the drab of the gritty, real backdrop of Los Angeles. That’s what you want.Again, look at that pop. Beautiful.

Further down you’ll find clean lines and a playfulness with light that always tends to be a favorite of Kevin’s.Engagements are a chance to play and be incredibly creative. The relationship between the location and the couple is a tight bond that can’t really be nailed down or tamed. And that’s the beauty of shooting within this industry. It’s ever changing, emotional and beautiful life happening in about 2 hours of one day.Now that’s pretty amazing.How many of you prefer and urban backdrop or a organic green location?

We’ll see you in the next post:)

Good things,

Megan + Kevin