We’re engaged!

We’re very happy to announce our engagement. We’ve played house for 7 years and now we’re making it official.

Here’s our story:

Kevin had been wanting to propose since 2013 and had been looking at rings since Jan 2014. 2013-2104 produced our toughest discussions about our business and our relationship.

Around October Kevin had asked my parents permission to marry me during my surprise birthday celebration back home in Palmdale. He told my sister Jenna everything in that he was going to plan an impromptu trip to Big Bear and suggest our usual  family pic with the dogs.

We made it up to big bear. Tired, but refreshed with the idea of relaxing. On the second day of our trip we got dressed up bright and early and headed out to find the perfect spot for taking pictures.

We found a deserted dock surrounded by the lake and gorgeous rock formations. I hauled our camera equipment and fishing gear into the right position.

When Kevin handed me our fishing rods something caught my eye.

“hey that’s cool!” it was a fancy lure with some writing on it.

My eyes went from the lure to Kevin moving to kneel down. I was shocked.

My heart raced and I started to lose my breath.

“Oh my God”

It felt unreal and I found myself crying.

“Yes, yes.”

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